Data protection explanation for children

We are pleased that you are interested in our website. We want to give you a picture of what happens on our website in the background when you visit it. When you look up the website, your computer sends its IP address to us automatically. As with a phone number the IP address is unique, but it does not lead to the phone but to your computer. One speaks of the fact that "data" is sent to us. One understands by the concept "data" everything that we need to know from you personally. For example, your first and last name, your residential address, your date of birth, your illnesses (for example, allergies) and even this IP address. We use the IP address so that we know which computer the texts, pictures and videos of the website are sent to. Without it you could not read this message.

Why are we explaining this to you?

Your personal data can only be saved by us, if you allow it. However, the IP address we must always store without your permission for a restricted time (60 days), so that we are able to see who visits our website. Sometimes there is a visitor who wants to harm us. With the IP address we can report this to the police. If you have questions about your stored data with us, you can email us. We can provide your data information to you only if you can prove to us that you are allowed to have the information - otherwise anybody can request your data. You can change the data with us or erase it. You have the right to say that we cannot use the data anymore, then we would have to delete it. Hopefully you see that your data is very important so write to us at the above address if you have questions.